Birthday August 11th.
Started Modeling At age 15.
Ambition To forcibly take over a small government and be declared King.
Turn-Ons Intelligence, someone with a sharp intellect that can be mentally stimulating, and of course a killer bod helps.
Turn-Offs Jealous, Obsessive, and/or Possessive people. Stalkers. Women with hairy backs, facial hair, extra toes, and/or fingers.
To win my heart Be yourself and buy me lots of nice things.
I feel sexy when when you're stroking my Ego.
Sex Symbol Secret Good genetics.
Secret to Success Wait until money becomes entirely electronic, with no paper trail, then redirect a small fraction from everyone's account in to your own. Excluding my accounts of course.
Travel dream I'd like to go to Mars... because I've never been there.
My idea of fun Going out Clubbing and dancing to Techno/Trance with a really good beat. The music itself should be intoxicating. Staying out until the sun comes up... then retreating to my coffin avoiding those nasty rays of sunlight.
Favorite Phrases "It's not what you do... it's how you do it."

"It's not how or where you do it... it's all about who you do it with."

"Anyways... Back to me..."

 Who is Spyder Dan? As if you already didn't know? Spyder is the world renowned former hacker/computer guy, known for his incredibly good looks and his infamous computer skillz. He is known by many as Spyder and Spyder Dan. Spyder, does that ring a bell for computing? He made his wealth from e-commerce, computers and networking. If you need anything under the blue moon in the IT/IS world he is the expert security computing networking genius. The number one resource for computers, known and revered for his expertise and knowledge. He has revolutionized they way computers and computer people are looked at. Wow! He's smart and sexy! What more could you ask for? He makes computers cool and intelligent computer guys cooler. Spyder is the sex symbol for the new millennium! Spyder is the future. Spyder is often imitated but never duplicated, so don 't accept the imitations and know this if it's not the original... it's just another pale wanna-be living off of Spyder's fame, hard work and recognition.

SpyderDan's Bio

I grew up in suburbia... I'm from an average sized midwestern town in Illinois. I'm the youngest of 3 children; I have 2 older sisters and have great parents. My parents are still living in IL.  As a boy, I loved playing in the forest and romping through the streams, rivers, lakes, and all of nature. I've always loved being the center of attention, some people attribute that to me being a Leo... but I've always been a camera ham. Just look at my baby picture to the left. Talk about posing at an early Don't you think I was more cute then that Gerber baby? People always are curious about my exotic looks well; I'm half Chinese and half European. My mother is Chinese and my father is English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Danish, Dutch, etc. The funny thing is I actually get my height (6'4") from the Chinese side of the family. My mothers' father was even taller than myself. Scary... huh? Well enough about my ethnicity. Growing up I was considered a "Gifted Child." However, being "Gifted" isn't really what it's cracked up to be. Being known as the brain of the class isn't fun, you tend to get isolated from the rest of the children. So I ended up spending the days drawing in class, and not paying attention to what was going on. But if a teacher asked me a question I always knew the answer. I found that school to be extremely boring and was nothing more then recycled rehashed information regurgitated repeatedly.  I was one of the first kids to have a computer. I started computing when I was 4. I started hacking when I was 5. Back then games used to be copy protected. So if you find any old games saying cracked or hacked by SpyderDan... that was me. (Disclaimer: I stopped hacking when I turned 18. The adult laws applied then.) Word Processors were great... you typed the paper once, and made minor edits and you were done. Also back then no one new of font size, double spacing, larger fonts, etc. All the things to make your paper shorter then it had to be, I was one of the kids who ruined it for the rest. So now theres limitations on font size spacing etc. (BTW, theres still ways around it... if you are suppose to use Arial Pt 10... use Arial pt 10.5. hint hint) Although at the time most kids were using either typewriters or electric keyboards. No one understood how much time you could save by using a word processor and saving the document. So when papers were due. My rough draft was always typed up. Well I was a very introverted child. I was really in to computers for a while... It wasn't until I turned 16 and got my drivers license, that I was slowly weaned away from the computer.  That's when I was able to actually go out on a date and not have my mom or dad drive.

Being the youngest, I always got everything I ever wanted. Some people say I was spoiled, I like to consider myself just a very fortunate child. My two sisters always were in competition of who was my favorite sister; needless to say they were always buying me things to try to bribe my favor. To this day they still ask me who's my favorite, which I don't believe is really fair or right to ask, But they're still both great sisters! I now currently reside out West.  Well aside from my family and friends the thing I miss most about Chicago are the clubs. There's some really killer clubs back home. A typical night back in Chicago, we'd start the night off by going bar hoping dinner and drinks... Then around 11 or 12 we'd hit the Club Circuit... Going "to be seen."  It's always best to go when theres a line.  So people can see you walk right by the line and go right in. Then the Clubs closed around 3 or 4 AM depending on the night.

(To be continued.)


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