Question: How did your site originate?

Answer: It all started out as a farce on my alleged ego.


Question: How popular are you?

Answer: I'm a legend in my own mind! *LOL*


Question: Is this picture really you?

Spyder Dan as The Crow

Answer: Yes, Some people say I'm a DEADRINGER for Brandon Lee. I guess that's a poor choice of words.

But I consider it funny, I suppose you have to have a morbid sense of humor to appreciate a joke like that.


Question: Are you really God?

Answer: I'm sorry I decline to answer that question.

But go to MY SHRINE and decide for yourself.


Question: Are Black Widows poisonous?

Answer: Let me clarify this, that type of arachnid is a spider, not a spyder. But I'll tell you anyways: Yes, it just depends on how many you eat.


Question: Why are you called SpyderDan?

Answer: 'cause I walk on walls... can leap tall buildings in a single bound... I'm faster than a locomotive... Okay?


Question: NO: Really why are you called SpyderDan?

Answer: Okay, you really want to know... Here is the brief synopsis: It started back when I used to hack and was considered a minor.(F.B.I., see following quote.) "I swear... I do not do that erroneous stuff anymore." That was my pseudonym for doing illegal electronic things. But why was it illegal? Wouldn't you say it was really finding the flaws to promote better security? My friends dubbed me that because I never could get caught. They would say I was a super hero on a computer. Swinging my way through security holes with ease. Of course at the time my favorite super hero was Spiderman! You just got to love a super hero who in the middle of battle is a smartass! Spiderman, SpyderDan: they sound similar enough. So if you come across some old software saying, "Cracked by SpyderDan"... That was me. Of course if I were to do that sort of thing now I could be prosecuted as an adult. So I would never do something like that anymore. Then as I got older and became a punk rocker... The name stuck... I was known as "SpyderDan" or "Spyder". From the Underground Computer scene to the Underground Club scene... I was known as "SpyderDan". Now do you see why I answered the question like I did the first time?


Question: Are you really this conceited?

Answer: What do you mean? I'm not conceited.


Question: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

Answer: Say NO to drugs!


Question: What is your favorite food?

Answer: ???, I don't see why you people want to know this... But my favorite food is PEZ!


Question: What is you favorite music?

Answer: I enjoy all types of music. I'm currently into Techno, Acid Jazz, Trance, Tribal, and Industrial. I still enjoy listening to "Classical Alternative"(The Cure, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths(Morrissey included), Echo and the Bunnymen, Bauhaus,etc. Not this mainstream trash that is now considered Alternative. I also like reggae and classical. I can listen to pretty much any type of music, but I loathe Country and Rap!


Question: What is your favorite line from a play?

Answer: From Romeo & Juliet(revised edition), "But soft what light through yonder window breaks?"

"It is the East and and Spyder the son."


Question: What's your favorite quote?

Answer: "Anyways, back to me..."


Question: I just won the Lottery and I was wondering what to do with all my money, Do you have any ideas?

Answer:Join the world's most exclusive Fan Club! Join SpyderDan's Fan Club today!


Question: Why do you have a shrine?

Answer: This is in dedication of all the little people of the world. (send me your money.) If you are one of these people, fear not for I am here. (send me your money.) Do you feel lost and unfocused? (send me your money.) Do you need guidance and a vision? (send me your money.) Do you have nothing to live for? (send me your money.) If the answer to those questions are yes, which I'm sure they are. (send me your money.) Then you are in dire need of enlightment. (send me your money.) In these days of confusion and despair one needs something to believe in. (send me your money.) You need me. (send me your money.) SpyderDanism is the way the Truth and the Life. (send me your money.) No one comes to the father but through me. (send me your money.) Now go follow the site below to MY SHRINE and be prepared for enlightenment.

Question: Who do you look up to?

Answer: I am the best looking, most intelligent, and humblest person to ever exist! I look up to no one but myself!


Question: No, really who do you look up to?

Answer: Not many people, I'm 6'4".


Question: How did you like that second Crow movie?

Answer: I didn't! Now what were they thinking for that second movie? The city of Angels sucked!!


Question: What do you think about the Crow TV series?

Answer: I don't!


Question: How do I know you really are that great looking?

Answer: If you want to see pictures of me go to The Gallery! Oh by the way I'm not really all that conceited. I'm really just kidding around. Honest.


Question: What's your favorite color?

Answer: It's a draw between either Silver or Black.


Question: How do I contact you if I have any additional questions?

Answer: E-mail me here.


Question: How can I donate money to SpyderDan?

Answer: Donate to the Save the Spyder Fund!


Question: I don't find your site humorous and I am offened by it! Why do you think it is funny?

Answer: Go here to get a sense of humor.


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