The TRUTH about SpyderDan:

Spyder Dan, Spyder Dan, does whatever a Spyder can...

 Who is Spyder Dan? As if you already didn't know? Spyder is the world renowned former hacker/computer guy, known for his incredibly good looks and his infamous computer skillz. He is known by many as Spyder and Spyder Dan. Spyder, does that ring a bell for computing? He made his wealth from e-commerce, computers and networking. If you need anything under the blue moon in the IT/IS world he is the expert security computing networking genius. The number one resource for computers, known and revered for his expertise and knowledge. He has revolutionized they way computers and computer people are looked at. Wow! He's smart and sexy! What more could you ask for? He makes computers cool and intelligent computer guys cooler. Spyder is the sex symbol for the new millennium! Spyder is the future. Spyder is often imitated but never duplicated, so don 't accept the imitations and know this if it's not the original... it's just another pale wanna-be living off of Spyder's fame, hard work and recognition.

I know what you're thinking... How do I link SpyderDan's Website to mine?

Well the answer is really quite simple.

All you do is copy the following HTML and image, then paste them in your site.

Then you to can have this nifty banner!

Just think how impressed everyone will be to see SpyderDan's Website Banner in your site!

The Web's Most interesting Site!






<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>



<a href="">

<img src="" border=0 width=400 height=50 alt="The Web's Most interesting Site!"></A>





<!----END FRAGMENT---->

That's all you have to do to add SpyderDan's Website Banner to your site!

*Special Thanks:* To Chip for his help with some graphics and layout. To MacGyver(Sean) for introducing me to HTML competition, and for the use of his digital camera. To my friends who appear in "The Gallery" for being lifetime members of my fan club.

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